National Scholarship Portal 2023 AADHAAR Based Payment FAQ

NSP AADHAAR Based Payment FAQ: In this article we will briefly discuss about National Scholarship Portal 2022-2023 AADHAAR Based Payment

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National Scholarships Portal is one-stop solution through which various services starting from student application, application receipt, processing, sanction and disbursal of various scholarships to Students are enabled. National Scholarships Portal is taken as Mission Mode Project under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP).

What is Aadhaar Based Payment?

Answer : Applicants/Students who have entered Aadhaar in their online application correctly and Aadhaar seeded with any of their bank account, in such cases the amount of scholarship will be credited to that Aadhaar seeded bank account only.

How can I check whether the amount of my scholarship is credited in my bank account or not?

Answer : You may check the transaction status on PFMS portal i.e. under “Know Your Payment PFMS” option on the home page.

What should I do for the successful payment of scholarship in my bank account?

Answer : Please keep your bank account active to receive the scholarship amount. Confirm from your bank that your account is not Closed. Please note that in case of transaction failure/return of scholarship amount, there is no way for repayment.

What instructions should be followed by student while filling up Bank Account details?

Answer : (i) Students must select their bank/branch name carefully from the drop down list. (ii) Thereafter the complete Saving Bank Account no. must be entered correctly. If bank details entered by students are found incorrect, the scholarship amount will not be transferred. (iii) IFS Code must be selected/submitted correctly from drop down list. (iv) Bank Account holder must check their ‘Know your Customer’ (KYC) status from bank. (v) Bank Account must be active till you receive your scholarship amount. (vi) Bank Account must be preferably in any Scheduled Bank (as per Reserve Bank of India list) with core banking facility. (vii) In case of Post Matric and Merit-cum-Means based Scholarship Schemes for minorities, the Bank Account must be in name of applicant/student only. In case of Pre-Matric scholarship scheme, the Bank Account may be in the name of either applicant/student or the applicant can have a joint account with his/her mother/father/guardian as indicated in the application. (viii) Student must submit their application with Aadhaar number and it should be linked with their bank account to receive the scholarship amount.

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